ONE: London's exclusive personal training studio, in the heart of the city.

One Philosophy

Welcome to One personal training studios, the City's exclusive, by-appointment-only training studio. Our elite team of Personal Trainers and Therapists make One training a leading provider in physical training and rehabilitation.

At One we believe that the human body is designed to move. The One method of training ensures that our clients use their bodies to support their own movement for optimal health, function and fitness.

Our studio offers a modern, bright training space with never more than 6 clients on the floor at one time; a far cry from the hustle and bustle of many of the City's over-subscribed, under-serviced health clubs. Take a look at our studio space

At One we are truly passionate about what we do and our work is a reflection of that. We do not advocate quick-fix training solutions or make empty promises. The One method is an educational process so that our clients' understanding of the moving body develops with their training.

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One Services

Personal Training The One method of personal training has been developed and refined over many years by the co-founders of One training. The method ensures that all our clients, no matter what their goals, are educated and trained to peak physical condition.

Programme Design One trainers design programmes for individuals, groups and teams with a focus on their health and fitness objectives. All programmes are progressive and monitored closely by your programme designer.

Performance Enhancement One performance enhancement programmes have been used with professional athletes and sports teams to keep them at the peak of their competitive game. Our specialised performance enhancement programmes are periodised for pre-season, on-season, and recovery training.

Sports Therapy One qualified sports therapists have worked with professional sports teams in the rehabilitation process, guiding athletes from injury back to full strength. We also provide ongoing post-rehabilitation programmes and advice.

Deep Tissue Sports Massage One deep tissue massage conditions and alleviates tired, injured, or overworked muscles, tendons and ligaments by working through muscular tension and breaking down scar tissue, helping to prevent further injury and enhance overall performance.

Nutritional Analysis Your body and the energy it requires through nutrition is very specific to you. Our nutrition programmes are based on metabolic typing and fine-tuned to your daily routine to ensure optimum energy levels.

Biomechanical Assessment The human body is a complex integrated movement system. If one link in the chain is weak or damaged, other links are affected leading to increased susceptibility to injury, long-term overuse and weakening of structures, and postural distortions. Our biomechanical assessment analyses movement dysfunction and provides corrective exercise, putting an end to recurring injuries and preventing dysfunctional-related injuries in the future.

The One Complete Package For clients wanting a complete lifestyle overhaul, the One complete package offers an intensive 3-month exercise, nutrition and lifestyle programme. Not for the faint hearted!

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One Training
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