ONE: London's exclusive personal training studio, in the heart of the city.

What People Say

"I joined One Personal Training 18 months ago following a serious knee injury. The trainers got me back playing and injury free within no time and their innovative and fresh training techniques are highly enjoyable. The trainers are passionate about what they do - I highly recommend One Personal Training."
37 year old, Insurance Broker

"I am a 48 yr. old city professional. . .

Having been down the large gym/ personal trainer route before I wanted to seek out something different.

I met with the team about a year ago and was impressed . . . It's intelligent training; you understand what you're doing and why and these guys really do listen and tailor the programmes accordingly . . .

These people are dedicated, experienced and professional . . . I can unreservedly recommend the One training team whether you are an experienced athlete or an out of shape mid life banker."
Ian Clifton, 48

"I am a 29 year female, working in a bank in the City but have over the last few years developed a passion for long distance running and endurance events as a way to get out the city . . . However when I started increasing my mileage, although mentally I knew I could do the distances, I kept getting injured which led out a lot of frustration and disappointment . . . I had had numerous physio sessions to correct injuries but at One PT, Jos looked at what was causing the injuries in the first place and helped me to build up my strength and endurance. The support has been amazing going beyond what most personal trainers do and giving me detailed plans on exercises and nutrition so I could progress my training on my own. Jos' support and advice got me through my first really crazy event - a 6 day ultra-endurance event in Vietnam last year covering 250km in 6 days carrying all my food and kit. "
Jenna Eastlake, 29

"It is a testimony to Jamie's merit as a personal trainer that I have been training with him 4 days a week for almost a year, without boredom, injury or fatigue. Jamie has a way of making tough exercise rewarding and, in a way, enjoyable. He is good company. His programme of exercises has done more than increase my strength and fitness; it has enormously improved my posture and flexibility. His advice on diet has both raised my energy levels during the day and improved my sleep. I would recommend him highly for anyone wanting a major step forward in physical well-being."
Richard Atherton

"I had been a member of various gyms in the city over the past few years and always started out well but then quickly ran out of motivation and a sense of direction with my training. This coupled with the gyms often being over crowded and having to wait to use the equipment was hugely frustrating . . . I was hoping that I would find a light and clean space in which to train with professional and friendly staff. I was not disappointed! The studio itself is ideal . . . clean, uncluttered, no noisy equipment . . . I am training with Rachael currently, who has a great knowledge of all things fitness related (anatomy, physiology, diet.) . . . No more slaving away on the treadmill for hours and getting nowhere . . . literally! . . . I am already feeling the benefits of training at One. In a short period of time my energy levels have surged and I have noticeably better muscle tone. I would recommend One to anyone who has lost faith with their gym and/or training programme in the past (or equally to anyone who needs a more focused programme)."
Chris, 31, Risk Analyst

"I have been working with BJ at One for the last two months . . . I am a low single figure handicapper but felt that my game had plateaued and I wasn't making any more progress to get my goal of playing off scratch. I liked the facilities at One but in particular BJ's friendly and honest approach when I first visited; this was particularly key for me as I had never been a member of a gym or done any sort of weight training before . . . I am now noticeably bigger and stronger and am beginning to see the impact in my golf game. I really enjoy the sessions and have great confidence in the programme and the advice."
32 year old, Private Equity Executive

"I am a 49 year old Investment consultant. I have worked in the city for 30 years and I have never been very fit but I have regularly 'played' with joining Gyms and training . . . I was lucky enough to be introduced to One training by my secretary about 18 months ago . . . the training at One has changed my body shape and strength so much that I can now manage chin-ups, multiple press ups and I am stronger than I have ever been in my life.

The team at One PT are all great. They are friendly and welcoming and you do not need to be an Adonis to go there. But the best thing about One PT is that they really care about what they do - their passion and drive to make us all fitter - even the less athletic like me - shines through. I could not recommend them too highly."
Ian Bailey, 49